Newcomers are always welcome! Special offer for first-timers: first three classes for $25 total! (Classes need not be consecutive)

A waiver is required for class participation.
You can download a copy of the waiver here, or fill one out at class.

Class schedule is kept current through our calendar.

Classes in Portland are led by Professor Vira Lata. He has been training capoeira since 2001, and enjoys the endless physical and psychological challenge. He started helping to teach capoeira in San Luis Obispo, California in 2005 and has been living in Portland since 2006. Mestre Urubu Malandro recognized his study in the Capoeira Ijexá group with a Blue cord in 2008 and Professor cord in 2015.

Portland classes are open to all level of capoeiristas. Any class is a good time to start.

For questions about class or visiting the academy please contact:

What To Expect

Each class will consist of warm ups & stretching, capoeira movements, and music. The best way to learn capoeira is to do it. Many movements require strength, body awareness, timing, flexibility, and balance that are not easy to master right away. Capoeira and Brazilian music does not come naturally to everyone, but the rhythms of capoeira will win you over! Bring your energy and don't be embarrassed.

Before coming to your first class:
Training capoeira involves working with partners and in close quarters. Please come to class clean and be respectful of everyone. Wear clothing you're comfortable moving around in and being upside down.

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